CDF leads SMEs towards green transformation

Nov 16, 2022
Press Release

China Development Financial Holding Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CDF") is committed to become a sustainable financial partner of enterprises through promoting green finance. In order to further understand the needs of SMEs in green transformation, CDF today unveiled the survey results of "Small and Medium Enterprise Carbon Reduction Survey." The survey result suggests that 85% of SMEs are concerned about the implementation of Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM); and while 70% of them are worried about the impact of carbon fees, more than 30% of them have not yet conducted a carbon inventory check. CDF stated that the survey has located the pain points of SMEs in the transformation process. CDF will continue to provide a full range of financial services and lead the green transformation of SMEs to a sustainable future.


90% of enterprises in Taiwan are SMEs, which play a key role in the process of green transformation. CDF has responded to the government's net-zero emissions pathway and green action plan by not only taking the lead and committed to reach net zero carbon emissions for its total portfolio by 2045, but also expands its influence to support corporate partners in the process of moving towards net zero.


40% of SMEs have yet to take net zero action

The European Commission has approved the CABM in June. Onwards from 2027, any Taiwan made imported products in the European market are expected to require CBAM certificates. The result of "Small and Medium Enterprise Carbon Reduction Survey" shows that, 85% of SMEs are concerned about this new development, more than 26% of them think it will have a great impact, and 70% of them are worried about the impact of the carbon fee. However, more than 30% of SMEs have not yet conducted a carbon inventory check, and nearly 40% of them have not taken any action on the net-zero transition, showing a big gap between the perception and action towards sustainability transformation. 


90% of SMEs look forward to green financing projects

Survey data also indicates that, there are two main challenges for SMEs in terms of sustainability transformation: 63% of SMEs are concerned about the lack of industrial resources or guidance, and 62.3% are facing the difficulty in having no relevant professionals or talents within the organizations. Nearly 90% of the SMEs hopes that the government or the financial industry will provide preferential financing projects to invest in green transformation funds.


CDF stated that, net zero transition has become the key to the competitiveness of enterprises. CDF has established different Climate Change Enhancement initiatives and created “Carbon Database for SMEs" to help SME owners quickly understand the potential of climate impacts. CDF will help to influence on businesses to strengthen their climate resilience and accelerate the low-carbon transformation of the industry.


The "Small and Medium Enterprise Carbon Reduction Survey" targets small and medium-sized enterprises with a paid-in capital of less than NT$100 million in industries of manufacturing, wholesale, retail and the service industries. Online questionnaires were sent out to professional managers of small and medium-sized enterprises as part of the survey. A total of 276 valid survey samples were obtained.


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