China Development Foundation brings “Spot the Talent” to Yilan, with Yung Cheng Yuan inspiring youth with his professional soccer experiences oversea

Jul 27, 2022
Press Release

The China Development Foundation continuously supports the diverse and professional development of younger generations. Yung Cheng Yuan, the first Taiwanese soccer player to ever play in the Spanish Professional League, is a young talent cultivated by the Foundation. Through China Development Foundation’s ongoing summer program - “Spot the Talent” Yung Cheng Yuan interacts with 80 players across three different secondary schools in Yilan. He passionately shares his experiences abroad and inspires youth to chase their dreams. 


The China Development Foundation’s “Skills and Expertise Scholarship” program helps youth discover their potential and develop their competitive advantages in various professional fields. Yung Cheng Yuan and the soccer teams in Yilan are long-term participants in the scholarship program. The China Development Foundation currently hosts a soccer summer camp in Yilan High School, along with neighboring Shun-An Junior High School and Fu-Shing Junior High School, totaling 80 young players to participate in the program. Through the camp, Yung Cheng Yuan shares his journey playing in the European League. He even takes on the initiative of leading warm-ups himself to enhance player agility with resistance band and to also develop team playing strategies, further allowing players to experience the process and intensity of professional training on international teams. 


Yung Cheng Yuan, who won national soccer championship in elementary school, continuously strives for higher achievements in his career by seeking overseas experiences in Europe and China. With his rich experiences abroad, he shares with students that “performances on the field are built upon the foundations of strong training off the field. The challenges of living in foreign countries have help forged a hardened mentality in high-stress environment.” He uses his own experiences to inspire young players to stay confident and “to highlight their unique skillsets in order to stand out in a team.” 


In 2021, Yung Cheng Yuan joined the “Racing Rioja CF”, becoming the first Taiwanese player to play in a professional league in Spain. Shortly after, Yilan High School placed 2nd in the 2022 national soccer competition amongst all secondary institutions. In addition to youth achievement and excellence in professional fields, China Development Foundation’s “Talent Program” also commits to sharing and passing on valuable experiences, further inspiring CDF colleagues to participate in social initiatives. This summer, many employees who share a common passion in soccer travel from Taichung to Yilan to support the game, as well as witnessing the cultivation of young talents.


The China Development Foundation firmly believes that “education is the best investment,” and continuously launches talent development initiatives such as “The Dumbo in Our Class” and “Skill and Expertise Scholarship” projects, inspiring and equipping the younger generations with the necessary tools to pursue their dreams.


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