CDF reports January after-tax profit of NT$2.80 billion, and EPS was NT$0.17

Feb 7, 2024

China Development Financial Holding Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CDF") reported today its profit for the month of January 2024. Unaudited after-tax profit was NT$2.80 billion and EPS was NT$0.17.

KGI Life reported an after-tax profit of NT$1.58 billion in January, mainly benefiting from the depreciation of the New Taiwan Dollar against the US Dollar, which has led to a reduction in overall hedging costs. Also, the steady operation of its insurance business and investment returns both supported the profit performance. KGI Securities reported an after-tax profit of NT$1.15 billion in January, driven by the consistent performance of its brokerage business and successful capture of market trends through proprietary trading, and the growth in underwriting positions has also contributed to its overall enhanced performance. KGI Bank's diverse businesses have contributed to its continuous profitability. The growth in loan momentum has helped to increase interest income, complemented by an increase in fee income. KGI Bank reported an after-tax profit of NT$541 million in January. CDIB Capital Group reported an after-tax profit of NT$10 million for January, which was influenced by the fluctuation in the capital market that impacted the valuation of its investment positions.

CDF stated that the company will continue to focus on the implementation of core ABCDE strategies to continue pursuing long-term sustainable growth.