CDIB is Optimistic about Digital Healthcare Services CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures Builds Telemedicine Chain

Aug 26, 2022
Press Release

A portfolio company of CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures, Pregetic Medical Health Co, has recently joined hands with Chunghwa Telecom Co to establish a complete telemedicine and telecare chain by connecting the video diagnosis and treatment system of primary care clinics. With the pandemic driving the digital transformation of the country, the digital healthcare industry is well on track to flourish. CDIB is now building a full range of biomedical investment ecosystems in the fields of precision medicine, digital healthcare and service channels.


CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures has adopted a balanced investment strategy for "innovative medicine," "innovative medical technology" and "services and channels," and has already invested in health management, genetic testing, pharmacy chain channels, and pharmaceutical e-commerce platforms, President Hsu Ta-cheng said, adding that it has recently pinpointed the investment direction of imaging AI technology and pathogen genome sequencing. Going forward, it will continue to develop towards digital transformation, innovative business models, and the construction of industrial ecosystems to further enhance the competitiveness of the biomedical industry.


Hsu said that Pregetic Medical Health is committed to promoting the health of the population and has successfully built a telemedicine and telecare chain to achieve the third of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): good health and social well-being and the tenth: Reduce inequality within and among countries; it is also a demonstration of CDIB's commitment to ESG.


With one RMB Healthcare Fund, two NTD Healthcare Ventures, and long-term investments in support of biomedical industries, CDIB’s relevant overall management scale has exceeded NT$10 billion. In total, CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures has invested in nearly 40 biomedical companies, and has been the lead investor or acted as a director or supervisor of half of the companies it has contributed to. CDIB aspires to build a biomedical investment ecosystem and become a good strategic partner for biomedical entrepreneurs, helping the domestic biomedical industry to formulate long-term development strategies, establish a solid corporate governance system, provide financial services solutions, successfully enter the capital market and reach the global stage.


In 2021, the Act for the Development of Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry has incorporated with "precision medicine", "digital medicine" and "regenerative medicine", and the biomedical industry in Taiwan is diversifying and scaling up its operations. In addition, benefiting from the rapid decline in the cost of next-generation sequencing (NGS) by American company Illumina, Inc. and the development of the related supply chains driven by insurance coverage, CDIB believes that the trend of the biotech and pharmaceutical industry towards precision medicine has been set in motion.


Although the domestic precision medicine market is still in its infancy, it is expected to continue to grow in scale through mergers and acquisitions and industry consolidation, such as Pregetic Medical Health's previous acquisition of HVC Inc. and its share swap with Fubon Health Management Corp, as well as the key transition of traditional precision medicine, prevention, early diagnosis and health promotion, CDIB said.

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