CDF shares company success by launching the Employee Trust Shareholding Plan

Aug 3, 2022
Press Release

China Development Financial Holding Corporation (CDF) is officially launching the “Employee Trust Shareholding Plan," which incentivizes employees to engage in the company’s performance results. By promoting employee financial well-being, CDF steps closer to its vision to “Become the Employer of Choice.” Starting August 2022, all qualified employees can apply to be part of the “Employee Trust Shareholding Plan" as they can flexibly determine their investment amount based on personal financing. 

With the vision to “Become the Employer of Choice,” CDF offers diverse programs and measures. CDF’s employee well-being program is centralized around physical, mental, and financial health, with initiatives designed to improve employee benefits. To support employees' long-term stability in personal life and finance, CDF launches the “Employee Trust Shareholding Plan" that is eligible for any full-time employees at CDF and all its subsidiaries. Participating staff can determine the input amount each month, and CDF will match 100% with the invested amount. All employees have equivalent benefits and reward ratios, regardless of seniority or role.

CDF has also completed its improvements on the "Employee Assistance Program (EAP)" in collaboration with professional counseling organizations. The company offers employee psychological and legal counseling services to support them throughout their personal and professional challenges. In the physical health aspect, CDF offers employees the benefit of medical check-ups. CDF also encouraged employees to adopt healthier lifestyles with various internal events. Earlier this year, the "CDF Walker" initiative successfully gathered more than 1,700 employees to participate, which promoted physical health and fostered organizational unity.

To continually enhance employee benefits and foster a rewarding work environment, CDF has also encouraged employees to give back to the society. Every year, each employee has 4 days of volunteer leave available to participate in volunteering events, contributing to the well-being of the employees, company, and community. To better address employees’ voices and wants, CDF conducts annual research and feedback collection on employees’ corporate identity. Over the past years, the overall employee engagement level has been trending upwards. Moving forward, CDF will actively launch initiatives to improve employee benefits and rewards, allowing for balanced achievements in career and life.

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