CDF Joins Net Zero City Expo, together with its subsidiaries creating “Net Zero Wonderland”

Mar 19, 2024
Press Release

The "2024 Taipei Smart City Summit & Expo X Net Zero City Expo" kicks off today (19th) at Hall 2 of the Nangang International Exhibition Center in Taipei,and will continue for four consecutive days. China Development Financial Holdings (hereinafter referred to as "CDF") is participating in this event in partnership with its subsidiaries, including KGI Securities, KGI Bank, CDIB Capital, KGI Life, and KGI SITE. With “Net Zero Wonderland” as their theme, CDF is showcasing its various achievements in the net-zero transformation, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable practices.


CDF has launched the "Net Zero Wonderland", symbolized by a vibrant Ferris wheel and a merry-go-round. Visitors are encouraged to participate in the net zero challenge, an initiative that offers them an opportunity to eliminate carbon spirits through innovative interactive installations. Upon successful completion of the task, participants are rewarded with a limited-edition cotton candy gift. The event, through its fun and immersive environment, strives to make the concept of net zero more relatable to daily life. Additionally, the exhibition highlights the green financial accomplishments of its subsidiaries, with a focus on themes such as "Sustainable Investment Drives Net Zero Transition", "Green Finance Accelerates Industrial Sustainability", "Innovative Finance Towards Sustainable Co-Prosperity", and "Digital Innovation Achieves Sustainable Insurance."


In 2023, KGI Securities achieved a total underwriting volume of NT$18.65 billion for sustainable development bonds, marking an impressive year-on-year growth rate of 125%. The firm has played a crucial role in assisting businesses and financial institutions in the evaluation and pricing of these sustainable bonds. This outstanding performance has earned KGI Securities

multiple "Golden Goblet Awards" for excellence in green finance. KGI SITE has also launched three certified ESG funds, enabling investments to be sustainable as well.


KGI Bank persistently rolls out pioneering green financial products, facilitating businesses in their transition towards net zero emissions. Collaborating with industry, government, and academic institutions, KGI Bank is building the KGIB sustainable ecosystem, thereby broadening the influence of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. CDIB Capital, as a front-runner in sustainable investments among Taiwan's private equity funds, is committed to reducing carbon emissions. It strategically invests in intelligent technology, smart manufacturing, and innovative environmental protection industries, thereby exerting the power of responsible finance.