CDF reports June after-tax profit of 5.11 billion After-tax profit for the first half reached NT$ 10.10 billion, and EPS was NT$ 0.60

Jul 7, 2023

China Development Financial Holding Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CDF") reported today its profit for the month of June. Unaudited after-tax profit was NT$5.11 billion, while after-tax profit for the first half this year reached NT$10.10 billion. EPS was NT$0.60.

CDF and its subsidiaries’ performance in the month of June was supported by a bullish financial market trend, the increase of trading volume and the boost from the dividend season of Taiwan-listed companies. CDF’s four major subsidiaries all reported profit growth in June, and the after-tax profit performance of CDF in the second quarter also increased by 188% compared to the first quarter of this year. China Life benefited from dividend income, stock trading profits, and the appreciation of the U.S. dollar against the New Taiwan dollar, which is conducive to hedging management. The after-tax profit in June was NT$4.28 billion, and the after-tax profit in the first half of this year was NT$4.92 billion. KGI Securities benefited from a strong performance in the Taiwan stock market last month which resulted in an after-tax profit in June of NT$825 million and an after-tax profit in the first half of NT$3.69 billion, increasing more than 70% YoY compared to the same period last year. KGI Bank continued to develop its diverse businesses contributing to its interest and fee income. KGI Bank’s after-tax profit in June was NT$523 million and after-tax profit for the first half was NT$3.0 billion. CDIB Capital Group benefited from an increase in the evaluation of investment positions, its after-tax profit in June was NT$525 million and after-tax profit for the first half was NT$1.59 billion.

CDF stated that while the economy is still expected to face uncertainties including inflation in the second half this year, CDF will continue to enhance control mechanisms to mitigate operational risks while focusing on supporting the stable development of all subsidiaries to maintain long-term and strategic business development.