Claire Chuang

KGI Bank

"For many of graduates who are just getting started in finance like me, this is the best opportunity for fast learning and personal development."
Why CDF?
Innovative operations in an open environment
"I believe “openness to innovation” is the most distinctive feature of CDF. People usually have the impression that the financial industry is more conservative and traditional, but it is not the case at CDF. We are encouraged to be creative and proactive in breaking the stereotype, offering efficient digital financial services for our customers."
Happy to encourage and drive talents
"The greatest inspiration for me here is to innovate and express ideas. In rotating around different departments, the supervisor encourages us to put forward our own ideas for interactive discussion, and is happy to give feedback at the same time, so that we can continue to challenge ourselves and learn more in the work process. One of the things that impressed me most was having dinner with President Stefano Paolo Bertamini. During the meal, we were able to put forward our ideas on the MA training plan and share our life experiences, which made me deeply feel the enthusiasm and wisdom shown by the President and the importance and expectation of MA and talents. These experiences have made me very glad to be a member of CDF to work together to create a better future."
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"The program provides a rotation system that not only gives you the opportunity to put your ideas into practice, but also offers the most practical feedbacks through discussions, enabling a quick accumulation of skills, experiences and value.
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Tina Chen / KGI Securities
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