A Net Zero

We Care About the Future
We regard sustainable development as our responsibility, because the future is today. We ensure steady growth and maximize corporate responsibility to give back the value we have created.
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Equality and innovation are the driving forces of social progress.
Giving back to society
Winning the Trust
Our purpose is to help people experience financial well-being. We’re taking action to contribute to a more equitable, financially resilient future for all.
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Investing In a More Sustainable Tomorrow
We regard the UN's "Principles for Responsible Investment" and "Sustainable Development Goals" as the highest standards, and seek to drive a virtuous circle of Taiwan's industry, economy and society.
responsible investment
Dynamics in sustainable industry
Established in 2001, China Development Financial (CDF) comprises four major and synergistic operating subsidiaries: China Life, KGI Bank, KGI Securities, and CDIB Capital Group.
CDF organized employee walking challenge “CDF Walker,” reducing carbon emissions by 96,000 kilograms
China Development Financial Holding Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CDF") encouraged its employees to embrace a sustainable and green lifesty...
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CDF reaches out to students in need with tutoring scholarship program
The COVID-19 pandemic has made schools adapt to online learning in order to maintain education delivery. China Development Foundation under China Deve...
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CDF joins SBTi and reinforces its net zero carbon emissions commitment
China Development Financial (hereinafter CDF) announced today, April 21, that it has joined SBTi, the Science Based Target initiative. Under the SBTi...
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CDF continues to support school lunch plan in remote areas
Schools in remote areas are facing the challenge to provide adequate nutrients for children’s lunch plan due to funding issues. The recent rise in fo...
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Our Leadership Team
Get to know the leadership team and board members, and listen to professionals from different departments of the group to share their work experience and wonderful stories.
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